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The state of Georgia requires both Operator and the Location to maintain a license to operate Coin Operated Amusement Machines
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Tom's Amusement Company was founded in 1984 by Tom Dunn in Blue Ridge, GA. Tom built the business for 10 years before opening up a second office in Marietta, GA to serve the Atlanta Metro area. Tom passed in 2002 and the business was continued by his wife, and business partner, Emily Dunn. Emily continued to grow the business to the success it is today. Tom's Amusement Company operates two fully staffed offices with three remote offices throughout the southeast.
Tom's Amusement Company provides the latest and most reliable amusement equipment on the market to locations such as bowling centers, sports bars, restaurants and skating rinks. We carry a full line of equipment such as video games, pinball machines, pool tables, air-hockey tables, ATMs, jukeboxes, dartboards, sticker and capsule machines, and merchandise cranes. As our logo states, "We supply games people play!"
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Class A  000005263
Class B​​  000015225