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Apply for NEW C.O.A.M Location License

1. Go to
2. Click onRegister
3. Fill out information and Submit
4. Check your email for “Coam License User Activation”
5. Click link in the email to Activate your account and enter confirmation code
6. At click on “Log In” in the top right corner 
7. Click on “Licenses” and “Apply for New License
8. Select “2021 (7/1/2020-6/30-2021)” and “Location” as License Type.

You must fill in every line or it will not accept the application.

Note: You will need
- Federal Employer ID (FEIN) number
- State Taxpayer ID (STI) number
- Alcohol license number (if applicable)
- Lottery retailer number (if applicable)
- Owner information including proof of lawful presence with the USA (generally Drivers License) and social security number

Toms Amusement Master License Number
Class A 000005263
Class B 000015225
Any questions please call
Ga Lottery at 1-800-746-8546 option 6, then option 3