Tom’s Amusement and Island Games are joining forces and becoming one as BULLDOG GAMING

Bulldog Gaming – Your Premier & Fully Compliant Partner in the Georgia Skill Games Industry

We will take your business to the next level, the right way!


Tom’s Amusement is part of the largest gaming operator group in the country. We are confident that with our professional experience and route gaming industry knowledge, we can help your business THRIVE!


Whether it’s providing you with the best customer service or helping you maximize your skill gaming revenue, Tom’s will be your partner from day one. It is our goal to maximize the skill gaming experience for your patrons by providing them with a safe and comfortable environment, while also supporting our partner locations in all aspects of skill gaming and our Class B Coin Operated Amusement Machines (COAMs).

What We Offer: 

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  • A more welcoming and private amusement area, creating a professional and comfortable experience for your players.

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  • A fully compliant partnership that will help ensure that all aspects of your COAM business are run in accordance with regulations from the Georgia Lottery.

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  • Best-in-class team of Routemen dedicated to operating the best machines for your location. Our Routemen will assure that you and your managers receive the most up-to-date revenue reporting and optimal advice on how to serve and market to your amusement customers.