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How to Keep Your Class B COAM Gaming Area Clean

May 26, 2021

We’re convinced that anyone that actually enjoys cleaning is from another planet. It’s time consuming, sometimes gross and if you hire someone to do the dirty work, expensive. However, as a successful Class B COAM establishment, it’s important to make it a habit to keep your skill gaming area clean. Here are some tips to make cleaning as quick, painless and economical as possible.

Avoid Smoke and Other Air Pollutants

Cigarette smoke, other smoke or air pollutants have been shown to have a negative impact on technology, such as computers and COAMs (if you’re looking to learn more about how cigarette smoke can affect electronics, take a look at this article.) It’s best, therefore, to do anything you can to avoid air pollutants around your electronics – including your skill gaming machines. It’s also recommended to change your air filters consistently throughout the year to avoid dust and other allergens from damaging machines.

Wiping Down Machines

Yep – another thing to add to your daily list of cleaning. But this is so worth it. Tom’s Amusement suggests that you use a foaming cleaner and a dry cloth. As for chairs, you can use the same cleaner and cloth, or leather/vinyl wipes. This will help keep the material conditioned so it can last longer. The most important takeaway here is to never use chemicals of any sort on your machines. When you’re cleaning the machines, make sure to get the sides and tops of the COAMs to ensure they aren’t collecting dust (hopefully dust is minimal if you follow the advice to change out your air filters regularly).

Eating and drinking is a huge component of gaming (most of your players will be doing one or both of those things when in your establishment). Make sure there is a convenient and close area for them to place their food and beverages to eliminate the possibility of spills such as a divider that are typically placed between your COAMs

Other Cleaning Tips for Your Class B COAM Gaming Area

  • Vacuum and/or mop the surrounding area daily (multiple times a day, if possible)
  • Make sure you have garbage cans near the gaming area for empty bottles, plates or other trash
  • Consider spring cleaning at your establishment – or get on a regulated schedule of doing a deep clean every few months
  • This isn’t so much of a cleaning tip, but you should also keep your location no warmer than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

How have you improved your cleaning process in your business now that you have skill gaming machines?

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