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How to Use a TV in Your Skill Gaming Location for Advertising

August 25, 2021

If you’re looking for an effective and inexpensive way to promote your bar and keep customers coming back, look no further than advertisements on your bar’s TV screen. Bar streaming channels are proven to increase customer dwell time by 16% and have increased repeat visits by 19%. How? It turns out the answer is very primal.

In order to avoid an attack from a predator, our ancestors developed a keen awareness of movement and bright colors. That awareness still exists in humans today, meaning that our eyes will always be drawn to the most powerful visual cues in any setting — usually things that are bright and moving. So when a TV is on in a bar, a patron can’t help but be distracted by it, and that’s something you should take advantage of.

Once you’ve grabbed your customer’s attention with the big game, a slideshow or videos from a streaming service, insert a promotion for your bar to keep them coming back. Not sure how to promote your bar on your TV? Try one of the ideas below.

Promote food and drink specials

Your TV is a great place to promote food and drink specials, especially if they are unique to a day of the week. An example: On Mondays, promote Wine Wednesdays so customers will want to come back later in the week.

Showcase new menu items 

When your regulars come in, they may not even look at the menu. But catch their attention with images of your new mouthwatering dishes, and they’ll be dying to come back to give them a try.

Tell them about upcoming events

Hosting an event like a karaoke night, open mic or trivia? Make sure your customers know about it. All you need are simple graphics and relevant details like the date and time, and your waitstaff can fill in the blanks and answer any questions your customers have.

Post reviews

Reviews are ideal for people who are popping their heads in to take a look around before committing to staying. Catch their eye with a customer rave review. This can also be a helpful tool for convincing happy hour patrons to stay for dinner. 

Encourage engagement on social media

People love seeing their faces on the big screen. Encourage customers to engage with your bar on social media by using a specific hashtag or tagging your bar in a picture or post. Then include a social media stream in your TV’s content so the images and posts are pulled in and displayed for all to see.

Advertise your games

Because skill gaming is such a unique offering, you’ll want to make sure everyone who walks through your doors knows about it. If you have Class A and/or Class B COAMs like skill gaming, jukeboxes, pool tables, or darts, make sure an ad for that is included in your TV content.

Thinking about adding a TV to your bar or need help programming your content? Partners with Tom’s Amusement get access to our exclusive AEPlayerTV program, complete with a monitor, newsfeed, gaming promotions, and trivia options. AEPlayer TV can even loop in your social media feeds and allow you to create custom ads for your bar. Contact Tom’s Amusement to learn more about AEPlayer TV and get started advertising on your digital monitors.

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