Class B COAMs

Tom's Amusement has many professional partnerships with Class B manufacturers. Our Georgia skill gaming partners include Primero, Banilla Games and Southern Gaming Solutions, and will help provide your establishment with the best skill gaming machines and most popular game packs.
Each game is equipped with thrilling animations, allowing the player to experience full immersion gaming with dynamic game content.


  • Rainbow Cabinet 24D
    • Primero’s smallest footprint yet, giving you and your players more space within the gaming area.
    • An improved ergonomic button panel, with a larger palm rest and more leg room.
    • Fully customizable to fit cashless devices, including TruePoint and Nayax.
    • Simple and easy-to-open button panel allowing easy access to internal components of the machine, including the cash box and printer paper.

Banilla Games

  • Dual Standard
    • High-quality touch screen monitors equipped with optimal viewing height and angle.
    • Contoured armrest feature, increasing player comfort.
  • Fusion
    • Sleek and innovative design, increasing the attractiveness to players.
    • The 26” W footprint allowing for more use of the gaming area, maximizing floor configuration.
  • The Standard
    • Strategically placed angled button deck ideal for player hand placement.
    • Independent belly and main door-locking mechanisms to improve and increase safety.
    • Large dual-play buttons prominently positioned on the cabinet deck and a collection button located next to the printer.


  • ProdiGi Vu
    • Fully equipped with features and enhancements that are sure to boost a player’s experience.
    • Strategically placed button panel and wrist rest, along with increased leg room, offering a value-driven innovative design.
    • Controllable standard marquee and belly lighting, enhancing the excitement of bonus rounds.

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